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UV LED 365nm ultraviolet uv light 360 peak wavelength

This 365 nanometer longwave UltraViolet LED carabiner is an excellent pocket-sized source of a UltraViolet-A! Enjoy hours of operation! At 6 ft. it produces a 20 in. diameter footprint of UV-A light.


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Most LEDs claiming to be ultraviolet are actually 395-400 nanometers which is the very end of the ultraviolet spectrum and the beginning of the visible light spectrum.  True longwave UV-A ultraviolet is 365 nm.  As you can see in the top photo 365 nm reveals the hidden security markings whereas in the lower picture 395 nm does not.


UV LED 365nm ultraviolet uv light 360 peak wavelength

UV LED 365nm ultraviolet uv light 360 peak wavelength





19 UV LED 365nm UltraViolet Testing Light. 19 UltraViolet LED rechargeable work light. Three super bright white LED lamp on top revives eight hours running time. Anti-slip rubberized grip. Built-in magnets and hooks for convenient use. Rechargeable by both 12 V car plug and household adapter (both included). Ideal for non-destructive testing, forensic investigation, UV rocks and minerals, Freon leaks, bacteria detection, night fishing, scorpion hunting, parties and Halloween. Compact and light enough to easily slip into your pocket, or hangs from your belt. Red full charged indicator light. Comes with hard shell foam lined carrying case, AC/DC adapter for home or auto. 

$199.95 + S&H




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